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Oct 8, 2011 5:30am EDT
. >> it's ridiculous. it should have never been on. they are not doing us a favor. it should have never been on the books. >> reporter: it's unclear when exactly the changes are going to take effect, but it could happen later this month. darcy spencer, news 4. >> the cap could be lifted by october 20th. higher cab fares may give us an excuse to walk around a bit more. we are in a good place for that. three streets earned the distinction of best streets in america. king street made the list for historic buildings. the trolley line and beautiful views of the potomac. u street in northwest d.c. was ranked thanks to the culture in history. and on the list, davis street in culpeper, virginia. the daredevil work on one of d.c.s most famous landmarks is wrapped up now. the washington monument remains closed for earthquake damage assessments. another landmark is giving tourists a breathtaking look at the city. >> reporter: there's been drama at the monument. the inspector wasn't injured. the high level pain staking urge for earthquake damage has the famous monument shut down to tourists. >> wit
Oct 23, 2011 12:00pm EDT
lost 150 pounds take her routine to another level. >>> how to use social media to make sure companies hear your complaints, loud and clear. meet the smallest protectors as puppies take on the big role within the transportation security administration. >>> first, a bizarre crime has thieves making a clean get away in maryland. they are stealing the best selling laundry detergent from area stores. pat collins explains what's behind the rash of soap shoplifting. >> reporter: you are watching people steal tide? >> that's right. tide. the laundry detergent. sometimes it gets ugly. they are trying to keep him from leaving the safeway store. >> reporter: from this safeway store alone, how many bottles of tide have been stolen? >> we don't know the exact number, but it's in the thousands. >> reporter: don't be misled by the casual attire. they are all over this laundry soap scheme. they say this is how they do it. they come into the store like a regular shopper. they locate the detergent. hum up to the tide and start loading it into a car. one, two, three, four, sometimes as many as 20 bottle
Oct 30, 2011 12:00pm EDT
to thanksgiving. but sadly, a very soggy september means pumpkins are in short supply. julie carey shows us why you can't be too picky when heading into the pumpkin patch. >> reporter: at some pick your own pumpkin patches this year, there are slimmer pickings. it's because of the storms that swamp the east coast in september. all the moisture takes a toll, especially on the bigger pumpkins. ben has owned and operated this business for decades. >> the big ones, we essentially mowed the field of rotten pumpkins down because people were walking through the fields of rotten pumpkins. it's not a very good afternoon. >> reporter: the families who make the ride out to the field an annual tradition are not det deterred. >> you get to pick the one you want. >> reporter: you still get a hayride. >> it would be easier to decide if there were fewer pumpkins. >> reporter: normally, he only sells pumpkins grown on homestead farm. this year, because the rain damaged so many big ones, he had to import some from tennessee. >> i can't be the grinch who stole halloween. i have to have pumpkins for people. >> rep
Oct 2, 2011 12:00pm EDT
robbery areas. they are urged to conduct bicycle stops. d.c. law used to require all residents to register their bicycles, a program that was abolished in 2008. >> i don't know how people would prove they own their bike. i don't have proof i own my bike, but i've had it since i was 12. >> it is kind of difficult, yes. kind of difficult. >> reporter: bicycle theft is a growing problem for d.c. residents. they have urged all bike owners to join the bike registry to help them recover their bike if it's stolen. >> i don't have a license on my bike. no, i don't see how i could do that. >> reporter: you can obtain register forms at a bicycle shop. >> hang on to that bike. >>> a new documentary airing on style network. sperm donors are fining out they have dozens and dozens of offspring. one of the men was a donor at the sperm bank. >> reporter: this 33-year-old is a boston attorney. for three years he donated sperm at the fairfax bank while a student at law school. at the time, he planned to stay anonymous. then he heard about and joined the website that connects offspring and siblings to each o
Oct 15, 2011 5:30am EDT
took away as many as 100 parking spaces. show us what you have to do to get into your business here? >> well, for today, i have to do this. i have to walk through and, you know, some debris. >> reporter: she yons a design company. she says the project will help business in the long run. >> please hold on. we'll do a pr campaign saying adams morgan is new and improved and mean it. >> reporter: some are hoping to hold on long enough to see it happen. darcy spencer, news 4. >> the work is expected to wrap up by next may. the construction company is going to be fined if they are not out of there by that time. >>> could we see more work done on the martin luther king monument? it was first brought to our attention, the quote is yes, if you want to say i was a drum major, say i was a drum major for justice. say i was a drum major for peace and right outness and the other shallow things will not matter. the quote on the statue reads i was a drum major for righteous peace and justice. they say it makes him sound arrogant. discussions are set to happen later this month after the postponed de
Oct 16, 2011 12:00pm EDT
to the u.s. supreme court. >> frank came along saying we are not going to contritely beg for our rights, we are going demand them and assert ourselves because we are right on all grounds. >> reporter: last year, this stretch was named in his honor. today, mayor gray talked about his local legacy and asked for a moment of silence. what they said today, he made the city, nation and world a better place. >> he left a footprint here. he left his mark on our community not by one specific thing he did, but really by upholding the adage that one person can change the world. that's how he lived his life. >> reporter: in 2009 he wanted to be remembered most by coming up with the slogan gay is good. a bold and brave phrase back in 1968. jim handly, news 4. >> very brave. supporters and gay rights advocates are planning a memorial in november. >>> there's a special animal who is looking for a new home in virginia. he's definitely not the typical pet. he was found wondering along a road in prince william's county. we are introduced to the big guy known as wilbur. >> reporter: if you want to add a furry
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)